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Why we love appetizer parties

We love having friends over, and have been known to go a little over the top. But, you know, you can end up overwhelmed and recovery takes a while before you’re ready to do it again. Recently we’ve discovered you can have just as much (if not more) fun if you have friends over for a casual appetizer party. Here’s how it works;  call up some girlfriends, pick three or four different and easy appies, pop some bubbly and let the fun begin!
When choosing our appies we typically choose 1 thing that ‘s healthy, such as a fruit or veggie platter with hummus or honey yogurt dip. But don’t do all the peeling and chopping, pick up bags of peeled carrots, grape tomatoes, and cut broccoli. That way you account for various dietary needs and won’t stress that the vegans aren’t getting fed!
Then we ALWAYS have some sort of cheese, cheese is great because most people like it. Lately we’ve been getting cheese curds from Beechers, so tasty and they require no cutting, only toothpicks which means easy clean up, plop them in a nice bowl and serve! Simple right?
Next we opt for something hearty! Typically our “hearty” fare comes from the frozen section at Trader Joes. We love thinking outside the box (well, I guess in this case, it’s inside the box!) by choosing some sort of “international” flavor such as chicken shu mai, potstickers, perogies or chicken tika masala! Warming these tasty morsels usually takes all of 3 minutes (and they come with dipping sauce!)
Lastly, how about a nice dish of almonds or cashews to nibble on. Your party can be set up in less than 20 minutes, no dishes, only toothpicks and a stack of napkins. Then your job is to just chill out, have some awesome drinks and chat away! Low stress, High Fun Factor! Hopefully some good laughs too!
Let us know what your fave appies are!
Thanks to @brookelark for the awesome photo
Happy Eating!

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