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Feeling “Thrifty”

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking…”ick” they want me to go to a thrift store…but just wait, you can find great things at the thrift store for great prices, and mixing ‘pre owned’ pieces with new ones can be just the ticket for the “budget” conscious. I have had some great finds at thrift stores, here’s what I’ve learned
1.Location, location, location– think about where the store is. Is it in an uppity area where people tire quickly of ‘old’ items? Visit thrift stores in the high rent district, around universities and maybe even in resort towns, apparently the thrift stores in Jackson Hole, Wyoming are out of this world!
2. Check brands– If you’re intrigued by an item but are unfamiliar with the brand, google it. I have found some great “designer” items that I didn’t know were designer until I googled them!
3. Try things on!…Thrift stores often have strict return policies (if any) Try items on, make sure they fit, and then think about what you can pair with them that you already have, if you have at least three different combinations you can make! GET IT!
4. Clean it! Once you get it home, wash it, clean it, vaccum it! Most stores clean clothes before they get them but it feels more like your own after it’s washed and worn by you!
5. Keep looking, don’t look for anything specific, go in because you’re in the neighborhood and don’t get discouraged if there’s nothing good this time. Pop in from time to time and see if there something you can’t live without!
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Happy Shopping

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