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Add a little more “fun” to your work supplies!

This post is inspired by back to school supplies shopping time. I don’t know about you, but as kids we always looked forward to going back to school, being in a routine and well, of course, the best part was picking out school supplies! We would wait for our “supply” list to come out and the minute it was out my mom would drive us to Target to pick out our new swag for the year!
Since I’m not in school anymore and don’t have a “set” supplies list I find that I purchase “work supply” items WAY too often. I’ve found that work supplies are sadly a bit less fun. It just felt different than that excitement I felt as a little one.  Yellow legal pads and number 2 pencils just don’t do the trick. We have complied a list of work supplies to add a little more fun to your day to day work life!
  1. We stumbled across these and HAD to have them, Fun file folders will brighten up any desk and even if you don’t use the paper inside of them but once a year, they can still bring a pop of Joy every day! Click here to check out some Grace Girl approved folders!
  2.  For those of you who are still a ‘kid” at heart, we found the perfect thing to put a smile on your loved ones face. These lunch box notes are the perfect little surprise to stick inside a friends purse, your significant other’s computer bag, or in a lunch! Or, you can leave one in the morning if you’re the first one up. What a nice treat for someone to wake up to a cute little note to have with morning coffee! Check ’em out here!
  3. Paper Mate mechanical pencils –  if you’re like me, sometimes you just need to write with a pencil, and these are truly the best. They don’t break, are a good width to hold and are brightly colored too! The fact that they’re brightly colored makes them fun and also helps you keep track if someone ‘borrows” one and doesn’t give it back. You know who you are, lol!
  4. If you’re a list maker, then this is the thing for you. Instead of having to carry around planner, I keep a little “my week” notepad on my desk which helps me remember items that I need to follow up on. No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep everything stored in your head. There are many fun options out there for weekly notepads.
  5. We use paper clips quite often for their ‘reusability” factor, and I don’t know about you but I get bored with the same plain clips. I recently purchased some of these cuties! Everyone needs animal shaped paper clips in their life right? Just wait for the smiles when you hand the entire boardroom your proposal stuck together with a turtle paper clip.
We would love to hear what your favorite work products are! Leave a comment below! 

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